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Stress: The Linchpin In Wellness (Part Two – Ear Seeds)

Sometimes getting your kids out of the house bathed and dressed, fed, and looking like you totally intended to sport the dry shampoo look for the second day in a row is your win for the day. There’s no need to beat yourself up because you pressed snooze rather than waking to meditate, or because you forgot those adaptogenic herbs on the counter in the kitchen.

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chinese medicine and heat

Heat vs. Ice in Chinese Medicine

Got some pain in that knee? How about that backache that just won’t quit? An injury you just sustained? Guess what – it probably doesn’t need ice. I know it sounds crazy, but while Western medical texts are currently revising their recommendations for icing to cure pain, Chinese Medicine has been clear about how to treat our ailments for thousands of years. The most appropriate thing to reach for when your body needs a little extra TLC is likely not ice, it’s heat.

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Introduction to Be Well by MOOV

Heather is a nationally licensed acupuncturist and is board certified to practice acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She owns and operates her private practice, Be Well by MOOV, which is an Acupuncture Clinic in Lafayette, CO. It’s there that she integrates her extensive education in yoga, breathwork, and Chinese Medicine to create unique solutions for each patient who enters her door.

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