chinese herbs professional herbalist in colorado

Origins of Chinese Herbs in Holistic Healing

Be Well offers unique and integrative solutions for each individual patient. As such, we specialize in crafting custom herbal formulas for your specific health concerns. 

Chinese herbs are at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese herbal medicine consists of using roots, branches, leaves and minerals for their medicinal properties in their natural state rather than the synthetic version created in a lab, or using pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms.

What are they?

To put it simply, Chinese herbs are a powerful, ancient remedy that naturally help our bodies feel better! While many Western remedies only provide relief for some symptoms, Chinese herbs have natural antibacterial and antiviral properties which not only reduce the severity of your symptoms but eradicate them completely.

How do they work?

Plants have strong healing properties, and Chinese herbal blends are synergistic in the way they are specifically formulated to rebalance your body. When blended correctly, Chinese Herbs can help heal conditions ranging from digestive problems to painful menstrual cycles.

What do they treat?

chinese herbs professional herbalist in colorado

Our Approach

We offer an in-house herbal pharmacy, which allows our talented practitioners to provide custom herbal prescriptions designed with one thing in mind: your health.

Each herb is hand-picked and weighed according to your TCM diagnosis and is specifically crafted to help correct the root cause of your ailment, not just your presenting symptoms.

Let’s get to work on helping you feel your best.

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