Heather’s mission in life is to bring more love and greater health to the world around her. After a decade of pursuing her dreams in the world of corporate finance and holding positions both domestically as well as in the Middle East, she chose to redirect her efforts toward learning more about the medicine that so greatly impacted her health following an auto accident and subsequent disc replacement. She and her family relocated back to her native state of Colorado for her to pursue a 4-year Masters program in Chinese Medicine.

Heather now fuses her training in yoga, her knowledge in Chinese Medicine, and her passion for empowering her community into a unique approach aimed at serving the person in front of her most. Because of Heather’s experiences with juggling motherhood with school and owning a business, as well as her battles with autoimmune disease and its affect on health and movement, she finds the most joy helping women navigating similar challenges.

Heather believes that absolutely everyone is equal and that people working together is always more powerful than going it alone. She can be found on her mat, in her garden with her daughter, or completing DIY projects for the home. She could not live without books, plants, or hugs.